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The 7 Emotional Stages of Getting Over University

Leaving university is a painful process and  no matter how great your summer is, you’re often still pining for your student lifestyle.

Fortunately, there’s only eight heart-wrenching stages to endure before you accept your separation from your much-loved university:

1. Jealousy: When they have the cheek to move on to someone else.

They told you you were special. They told you they’d never forget you. And now they’ve gone and invited another 20,000 freshers to fill your place, and are littering your news feed with pictures of all the fun things that they’re doing together. Your room in halls has been filled by a younger, perkier model, and your irreplaceable role on the committee of your society has been filled by someone who can drink four times what you could. Now you feel used, as if you were just a number.

2. Uncontrollable sadness: When every song reminds you of university.

Pitbull’s ‘Meet me in the hotel room’ comes on whilst you’re driving, and you nearly crash. This was your song. Green Day’s ‘Time of Your Life’ almost triggers a nervous breakdown.

3. Memory binging: When you spend all day every day reminiscing over your experiences together.

Trawling through old photos on Facebook has become part of your daily routine. You laugh as you remember the time you threw up in the student union, and cry as you recall your first day on campus. Those were the days.

4. Rebounding BADLY: How about a masters?

Convinced that you’ve moved on and don’t need University anymore, you frantically research every masters course on the planet, in the desperate attempt to fill the sudden void in your life. It finally dawns on you that don’t even want to do a masters, and you’re left feeling stupid, naïve, and even more lost than you felt before.


5. Bitterness: When you start to bad-mouth your university.

You start to make nasty comments about your former partner, that are both unnecessary and degrading. You secretly love how the autumn leaves used to bring out the colour of their lovely red brick buildings, but now you insist to your peers that “Their campus isn’t even that pretty.”

The Daily Touch

The Daily Touch

6. Panic: When they try to contact you again.

Just when you think you’re over University, an email from Alumni relations pops up in your inbox. As if that wasn’t too much to handle, you can’t escape their sudden desire to get back in touch; they ring, message you on LinkedIn, tweet at you, and post letters through your front door. And it’s just too much, too soon.

7. Composure: When you finally let go.

Finally, you move on to something else; employment.  You start to see the flaws in your former partner,  such as the horrific amount they encouraged you to drink, and discover exciting benefits in your new relationship (what’s this, a salary?!) You finally conclude that whilst being a part of University was great, it was never going to last forever. But you will always look back on your time together with fond memories.

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