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5 Drinking Games You Absolutely Need To Play Next Time You’re at Pre-Drinks

Being a student, it’s important to know the best games to play at pre-drinks in order to avoid awkwardness and, of course, have a great time. Behold then, the 5 best drinking games that will no doubt help you make some friends and have some good times!

1. God Save The Queen (A.K.A The Penny Game)

How To Play: A Penny is chosen and you can attempt to throw the penny into a fellow drinkers’ drink. That person must then down their drink in order to save the Queen. If they do it in one go then they have control of the penny, if they fail the penny returns to the person that put it in the drink along with whatever is left of the drink the victim failed to finish. (There is only ever 1 penny in play!)



2. Ring of Fire

Probably one of the most well known and most played drinking games out there.

How To Play: Place an empty pint glass in the middle of the table, and fan out a deck of cards around the glass. Then take it in turns to pick a card and what happens next depends upon the card you pick (keep in mind there are many variations of this game).

  • Ace – Waterfall

Everyone drinks on after the other, you can’t stop until the person before you does.

  • 2 – You

Choose someone to drink a 2-finger measure of their drink.

  • 3 – For me

Drink a 2-finger measure of your drink.

  • 4 – Whore

All girls take a drink.

  • 5 – Thumb Master

Place your thumb on the table whenever you want, the last person to copy you has to drink.

  • 6 – Dicks

All lads take a drink.

  • 7 – Heaven

At any point before the next 7 is drawn hold your hand up to heaven. The last person to do so drinks.

  • 8 – Drink with a mate

Choose a mate, every time you drink throughout the rest of the game they have to drink too.

  • 9 – Rhyme

Choose a word, the person to your left must say a word that rhymes. Whoever can’t come up with a rhyming word after a few seconds must drink. (You can’t choose the word orange)

  • 10 – Categories

Like rhyme, you choose a category, for example “types of lager”. The first person to stumble drinks.

  • Jack – Rule card

You can make a rule – any rule. Drink with your non-writing hand, for example. You can either choose to change the rule once the next Jack is drawn or carry all rules on.

  • Queen – Question Master

Until the next Queen is drawn if anybody answers a question you ask, they must drink.

  • King – King’s Cup

Add some of whatever you’re drinking to the cup in the middle, aka the shit mix. The first person to break the circle of cards must down their drink. Whoever pulls out the last King card must down the shit mix in the middle.



3. Never Have I Ever

How To Play: In a circle, one person after another poses a question to the table starting with “Never have I ever…” For example: “Never have I ever thrown up from drinking.” Everyone who has must drink, then it passes to the next person. This is the perfect game for getting to know new people or finding out secrets about your friends.



4. Beer Pong

How To Play: Set out a small triangle of cups on either side of a table, can have either 6, 10, or 15 cups each side, plus 1 wash cup each side to keep the balls clean. Each player will take turns to throw Ping-Pong balls at their opponent’s cup-triangle. If you land a ball in one of your opponent’s cups, they must down its contents. Continue until there are no cups on one side of the table, that is your winner! Bounce shots count as 2 cups (but bounce shots can be defended and swatted away but no other kind of shot can). If playing in teams and 2 balls land in the same cup that’s an END GAME and the game ends there. The losers must also down all their opponents’ drinks that are left over. (This is another game with lots of variations.)



5. The Centurion

How To Play: This games involves drinking 100 shots in 100 minutes. Yes, really. It’s suggested to use a low alcoholic beer but feel free to be as adventurous as you like, but you might regret it later. There’s no leaving the table, no toilet breaks, no drinking or eating anything else other than the shots.



Which is the best drinking game though?

  • God Save The Queen
  • Ring of Fire
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Beer Pong
  • The Centurion
  • None of the above actually.

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