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14 Things You Should Eat When You’re Hungover In Leeds

Most students would pay through the nose for an instant hangover cure, but these hidden gems in Leeds will dish out the goods without the price tag. 

1. The Wafkin, Nation of Shopkeepers

It’s a grilled chicken burger made with smoked bacon, maple syrup and luxury waffles. Need I say more?


2. The Goan Pork Roll, Rola Wala

This is one of the many delicious fillings available as part of the Roll or Bowl scheme. Your chosen filling can either be wrapped in naan bread or served on rice, and with every purchase a meal is provided for a child living in poverty! This truly is a guilt-free hangover hub.

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3. Pulled Pork Sandwich, The Chicago Rib Shack

This mountain of pulled pork, slaw and fried pickle (‘frickle’) is guaranteed to see-off your hangover for good.

4. Sambal Fries, Meat Liquor Leeds

A delicious cross between East and West in a bowl of fries. Topped with fried eggs, this dish hits all the high notes of a full English – but with some added heat.

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5. Peanut Butter Creampie, Get Baked

Originally only available online, Get Baked has recently upgraded to genuine restaurant status, meaning you can now gorge yourself shamelessly both in and out of the house.  

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6. Loaf of Breakfast, The Greasy Pig

This is The Greasy Pig’s signature breakfast, and it’s not hard to see why. Made up from an entire loaf of bread, this number is hollowed out, filled with the Full English works (hash browns included) and served with a side of beans. Bye, bye hangover.

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7. Smokeback Mountain, Boss Burgers

This one is just as saucy as the film! Boss Burgers is a favourite with the students, partially because it is affordable, but mostly because it’s really delicious. Also, there are only six burgers to choose from so that hangover head gets a well-deserved rest.

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8. Eggs Royale,LS6

Not everyone’s hangover mission is to consume as many calories per mouthful as physically possible, so for those seeking a healthier alternative, LS6 is certainly the place for you. The traditional food with a twist and quirky decor make for an entertaining and delicious brunch.

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9. Phở Chín, Pho

Hailing from the East, this traditional Vietnamese noodle soup dish is healthy, hearty and warming – nothing could be closer to a cuddle in a bowl. Now available for delivery, you can even enjoy it on the sofa in your pyjamas.

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10. Fresh Smoothie, Roots and Fruits

Roots and Fruits is a Vegetarian Cafe that offers a wide range of healthy treats. Their freshly made smoothies are blended to order and they’re brimming with vitamins and minerals to bounce you back from the night before. All that science can’t be wrong.

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11. Moodog, Pieminister

The appropriately named Pieminister is the leader when it comes to pie. They come in every shape and size, from open-top to stacked in a tower, and there are loads of hearty fillings available to choose from. As if their pies weren’t impressive enough, there is a long list of quirky cocktails available on site to chase that hangover off once and for all.


12. Alcatra, Fazenda

Fazenda is an all you can eat restaurant, but it’s not just the quantity here that counts. The fifteen different cuts of meat, including Brazilian beef, chicken and even offal, are served continuously by wandering waiters until you feel full enough to surrender, at which point the well-stocked salad bar is able to provide some light relief.

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13. Chilli Cheese Dog, Primo’s

Hot dogs as you have never seen them before – super-sized. Primo’s specialise in anything that comes in a bun, but their crowning glory is the vast menu of gourmet hot dogs, which are all smothered in cheese, lavished with bacon or set on fire with jalapeño slaw, and with the chance to ‘double your dog’ for a mere £1.50, your hangover doesn’t stand a chance.

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14. Sharing Platter, Friends of Ham

Friends of Ham offer fresh, local produce in very large quantities. Whether you’re a meat lover or a cheese fanatic, this is the stop for the hungover you. Best of all, once you’re back to your old self, they offer over 100 bottled beers to wash it all down.

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