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15 Embarrassing Realities Of Your Summer Internship

Interns enter into an office without a clue, and they leave much the same way. There are, however, some unavoidable embarrassments that they all experience along the way.

1. Using the boss’ mug. 

The term ‘forgive and forget’ doesn’t apply here.

2. Over/Underestimating the dress code.

Turns out your three-piece suit didn’t come under the bracket of Smart-Casual, who knew?

3. The first joke hurdle.

You’d been planning it since you started and finally plucked up the courage to crack it over lunch. Inevitably, it went down like a cup of cold sick.

4. The office in-joke nod and smile.

You didn’t have a clue what was going on. In fact, you still don’t – but you sure as hell nodded along accordingly.

5. Finding out Bob’s name is actually Steve.

6 weeks down and you can’t learn a name. The future is bright, young intern.

6. Hiding from the phone.

Nobody ever called for you, therefore it wasn’t your problem. Probably.

7. Printing at home for fear of embarrassment. 

You were fairly sure if you pressed the wrong button, it would have exploded. Best not to try, really.

8. Getting caught using Paint.

If it was good enough for 7-year-old you, then it was good enough for intern you. There was simply no need for such open-office mockery.

9. Thinking Facebook was for socialising. 

It’s a marketing weapon – idiot.

10. ”Can you save that as a PDF, please?”

A PD- what? Urm, no. No I can’t.

11. Believing the tech guys were better than God. 

The problem fixed itself before they even got to your desk. Magic.

12. To you, writing code was Hogwarts worthy. 

It wasn’t a normal-people skill – It was 100% witchcraft.

13. Incognito windows. No. 

These are not, and never will be, a legitimate, real-world, thing.

14. Hyperlinks. No. 

As far as you were concerned, people could bloody well copy and paste the URL themselves.

15. The final week’s questions.

When you asked what WordPress was, despite having been using it for the past 6 weeks, there was a general look of deepest concern for you and your future.

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