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16 Times Sims Dealt With Student Problems Better Than You

Life as a student would be much more enjoyable if we could cheat our way to instant millionaire status. Sadly, however, that only happened in Pleasantview.

Here are 16 Ways Sims handled student life better than you:

1. Fresher’s Flab? There’s a button for that.

2. Bored? Buy a bear.

3. Science project? Bossed it.

4. Late for uni? Never.

5. No free beds? The floor will do…

6. …Or I’ll just float. Whatever.

7. Missed deadline? Classic mitigating circumstance.

8. Hangover Hungry? Sandwiches for arms.

9. Career Plan? Jedi.

10. No clothes? In-built dignity.

11.Queue for the toilet? Rogue squatter.

12. Forgot your pen? Use a kitten.

13. Boiler broken? Champagne showers.

14. Out of wine? Make your own.

15. Fancy dress party? Genetically winning.

16. Broke? Rosebud.

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