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16 Witty Pub Signs You Wouldn’t Be Able To Ignore

Who knew that all you really need is chalk to make people smile? This is a celebration of pub owners worldwide who’s passion for alcohol inspired them to invest in a chalkboard. Here’s to brutal honesty!

1. This is practically gospel.

2. A short but glorious window.

3. The cat seals the deal.

4. Preying on the drunk, or very stupid.

5. It’s just plain logic.

6. Safety first!

7. At least it’s honest.

8. Carlsberg vs. Tinder.

9. Haters gonna hate.

10. Breakfast Beer, is there any other kind?

11. Sorry, not sorry.

12. Impossible.

13. Good point, well made. I’m sold.

14. Sounds like a Friday.

15. If only we had a hump to store booze in.

16. Would you even have any?

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