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24 Animals That Have Perfectly Illustrated Your Hangover

I bet you thought humans were the only species that had to suffer through a hangover. Well, we aren’t. These guys set out to prove that they can party just as hard in the animal kingdom.

1.”This lecture was such a terrible decision.”

2. ”Where am I? Who am I? Actually, what am I?”

3. ”This is it. Go on without me.”

4. ”I vaguely remember… Nah, I’ve got nothing.”

5. ”Will this ever end?”

6. ”I hate you. Get out.”

7. ”Did someone say food?”

8. ”Need. Water.”

9. ”I’ve got to learn to keep my clothes on.”

10. ”Don’t look at me.”

11. ”Who is that in my bed? Oh God, she’s naked.”

12. ”I did what?”

13. ”I’m not kidding. Stop saying tequila.”

14. ”Tough shit, find another toilet.”

15. ”The floor is the only place that’s safe.”

16. ”No, I won’t smile. Ever again.’

17. ”I am 100% still drunk.”


18. ”Barbara, I need a McMuffin.”

19. ”Am I dead? Is this what hell feels like?”

20. ”I literally don’t care. Stop talking to me.”

21. ”I got last night so so wrong.”

22. ”That second kebab was a terrible idea.”

23. ”I’m ready for round two.”


24. ”It was only meant to be one drink.”

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