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31 Reasons Why You Want Michael Scott To Be Your Boss

Michael Scott led The Office with his own unique brand of crazy, but that’s why we watched him so adoringly for seven seasons. Despite his blatant disregard for the rights of his employees, he always found a way to leave them satisfied and smiling…

”That’s what she said.”

1. He made the workplace fun.

2. But never too fun.

3. Health and Safety were a top priority.

4. Because he was a man of the people.

5. So, personal space became a thing of the past.

6. He had the office lingo down.

7. In fact, self expression was his thing.

 8. Especially when it came to feelings.

9. Because he knew the value of communication.

10. His generosity knew no bounds.

11. And neither did his wisdom.

12. He knew how to dream big.

13. And encouraged perseverance.

14. He was accepting of everyone.

15. Because he’d been to the dark side.

16. He was financially savvy.

17. But he never scrimped on office drinks.

 18. Parties were very important to him.

19. Perhaps because of his sweet sweet moves.

20. And his humble nature.

21. Office politics were never an issue.

22. Because he was the voice of all reason.

23. He understood absolutely everything.

24. But after all, he was only human.

25. He bought the best presents for co-workers.

26. But he sometimes got the dress code wrong.

27. As did others, in his opinion.

28. He was a man of modest tastes.

29. Despite having sampled the finer things in life.

30. He knew his place.

31. And finally, because he laughed like this…

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