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35 Socially Awkward Things You Definitely Did On MSN

MSN was an inescapable force throughout most of our childhoods. In fact, the majority of us have it to thank for our ability to speak to the opposite sex.

There were, however, some crippling social errors we made day-to-day that became terrifyingly normal, and it wasn’t until the death of MSN that we realised just how awkward these were.

Nudging people to get their attention doesn’t fly in the real world. Who knew?

1. You saved and collected every available emoticon.

2. Because genuine words were illegible.

3. Who needed words anyway?

4. You used ‘brb’ to politely escape conversations.

5. And LOL made you re-evaluate your entire life.

Is that ‘laughing out loud’ or ‘lots of love’???

6. Because of Show What I’m Listening To, you listened exclusively to music you hated.

7. Basically, you tailored your song choices to suit your crush.

8. And reserved you personal message for their lyrics.

Just in case they managed to miss the first colossal hint that you were destined to be together.


9. Except when you set it to ‘I ❤️ ?’



 10. You abided by the 10 minute window, after which if they hadn’t made a move, you were safe to go in.

11. But to help them on their way, you would log on and off repeatedly.

Because they could have easily missed your 46 previous logins.

12. And then you’d blame it on your dial-up connection.

Old school.


 13. Because you never quite believed that your crush couldn’t see you at all times. 

Technology was not yet to be trusted.

14. You chose an e-mail that would most definitely not stand the test of time.

I bet is feeling pretty good right about now.

15. And a display picture that was vastly inappropriate.

16. But you changed it every 11 seconds, so no harm done.

17. You added yourself as a friend.

Every little helps.

18. And then put yourself in the ‘Favourites’ group.

19. Because anybody who was worth your time was in that group.

20. You struggled to remain calm when someone was ‘typing’… and then stopped.

21. So, you nudged them until they paid you some attention.


22. But if ‘typing’ lasted more than 10 seconds, that was inevitably your friendship over.

You were about to get told.

23. And you’d be forced to seek shelter behind the ‘Appear Offline’ button. 

This was so much easier than actually dealing with your problems.


24. You used to over-share on the regular.

”Hi, I like you. K, bye.”

25. Because ”that was my friend” was a legitimate excuse.

26. As was ”soz, wrong convo”.

This was reserved for conversations that were on the verge of a slow and awkward death.

27. You were furious when someone added you and then asked who you were.

28. Almost as furious as when you received one of these.

Probably because they came from nowhere, made unnecessarily loud noises and scared the shit out of teenagers everywhere.

29. You made some horrible life choices whilst waiting for a download. 

Food – no. Bath – can’t. School – won’t. Homework – shan’t.

30. And a webcam invitation brought out the liar in you.


31. You used Smarterchild to test all the rude words you had learnt.


32. And to answer the questions you were too embarrassed to ask real people.

33. You would have dropped everything for the person who had your initials in their PM.

It was a bond like no other.

34. But when they changed it, they were dead to you.

35. …For the next 10 minutes.

We all have MSN to thank for making us as socially inept as we are today – but in the best way.

Forever in our hearts. RIP MSN.

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