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38 Terrified Thoughts You Have About Starting 3rd Year

First year was glorious. Second year was even better… And third year scares the living shit out of you. But fear not, you’re not alone in your torment. It’s perfectly normal to spend the summer regretting all of your life choices.

Here are just some of the concerns you’ll have for September:

1. ”What if I’ve forgotten how to write?”

2. ”Definitely can’t read anymore either.”

3. ”That bodes well for my dissertation.”

4. ”Shit! I’ve got to write a dissertation.”


5. ”But I hate everything about my proposal.”

6. ”How do I go about changing it?”

7. ”Actually, who even is my Personal Tutor?”

8. ”It’s a bit late to show him my face now. #Awkward.”

9. ”What if he hates me? And then sabotages my degree?”

10. ”Oh dear God, I’m getting a 3rd.”

11. ”My parents won’t let me come home.”

12. ”And none of my friends will like me anymore.”

13. ”Speaking of friends, Sarah got an internship.”

14. ”Bitch.”

15. ”I wonder if she could help me get one?”

16. “Except I don’t have a CV.”

17. ”What does CV even stand for anyway?”

18. ”I’d probably know if I knew how to get into the library.”

19. ”Doesn’t matter. My degree won’t get me a job.”

20. ”I’ll have to live on my student loan forever.”

21. ”Oh wait…”

22. ”When does the free money end?”

23. ”Does that mean I’ll have to start paying it back?”

24. ”Well they can’t have it, it’s mine.”

25. ”I’ve got nothing to spend it on anymore.”

26. ”Ooh, what if I have some leftover?”

27. ”Scratch that. Definitely won’t happen.”

28. ”Without alcohol, what will I do with my evenings?”

29. ”I’ll have to find a new addiction…I mean hobby.”

30. ”No! My tolerance will be gone forever. I worked so hard.”

31. ”I probably should have drunk less in 2nd year.”

32. ”How did anyone manage to work?”

33. ”And why is everyone doing internships? Traitors.”

34. ”What even is a Grad Scheme?”

35. ”I should probably get one.”

36. ”Easy – my LinkedIn profile picture is pretty sweet.”

37. ”That’s it. I’m dropping out.”

38. ”I’ll try again next year.”

”Someone pass me a drink.”

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