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These Are The Top 20 Halls of Residence In The UK, As Rated By Students

With September just around the corner, new students will be starting to wonder where they’re going to be living at university. For that exact reason, StudentCrowd have compiled a list of the 50 top halls of residence in the UK, ranging from Bangor to Glasgow. The marking criteria includes value for money, location, cleanliness and social experience, to name a few, and all judgement came from the students themselves via surveys and an online commentary.

Here are the Top 20 Halls according to StudentCrowd.

1. Liberty Works, Sheffield Hallam University

2. Falkner Eggington, Loughborough University

3. Harry French, Loughborough University

4. Norwood House, University of Bath

5. Holland Hall, University of Exeter

6. Marris House, Newcastle University

7. Reichel, Bangor

8. Norfolk Terrace, UEA

9. The Tower, University of Essex

10. Lafrowda, University of Exeter

11. Victoria Hall, De Montfort University

12. Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh

13. Richardson Road, Newcastle University

14. Beach Court, University of Stirling

15. Gowar, Royal Holloway

16. Wessex Halls, University of Reading

17. Forbes Hall, University of Strathclyde

18. Furness College, Lancaster University

19. Peris, Bangor University

20. Park Terrace, Newcastle University

To view the Top 50 Halls, click here.

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