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These Grads Renovated An Old School Bus And Went On A Road Trip

What did you do the summer after graduation? Probably very little.

These 8 friends will put you to shame:

After a gruelling master’s programme, 8 American friends went where no graduate has gone before – they converted a school bus to take on a road-trip.


It all began when they found a 40-foot long, diesel engine, 1995 Carpenter school bus on Craigslist.

After spontaneously deciding to club together to buy it, they were on the way to fulfilling the dream of a 5-month road-trip of epic proportions. The only problem was that the bus had seen far better days, and that’s an under-statement.

How did they convert it, you might ask? Especially seeing as only one of the team had any formal experience in construction, but with a bit of spare cash and a lot of hard work, they managed.

This is the photo journal of how they turned an old bus into a home.

The exterior was bad, but the interior was worse.

So, they drew up some plans.

And they started building.

First came the new floor, then the electrics, and finally the kitchen, living room and bedroom detail.

The outside paint job was next on the agenda.

Then came the decorations.

And obviously the booze cabinet…

Before all was complete.

Meet the ‘SerendipitiBus’.

It took weeks to pull off, and robbed them of their savings, but I think we can all agree that it was seriously worth it. Although the name is questionable – they do things differently across the pond.

Either way though, I want one.

Want to write an article like this?

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